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12 Feb 2005
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I bought a second hand DW733 a short while ago. The person I bought it from bought it in 2020 but hadn’t used it and it sat in his workshop for two years so was effectively brand new but not box. It clearly hadn’t been used. I’ve used it on some pine and about 8 boards of oak but the blades seemed to have dulled already - after maybe using it six times, The first few boards were very smooth but after that, bot as smooth and they leave ridge on the wood as though the blades may have caught a nail (although pretty suse there hasn't been one and can’t see the correspoding ‘nick’ on the blades. Anyway, although it hasn’t been used it doesn‘t seem to have a knife setting gauge with it. I was going to change the blades for
sharpenable blades - I can’t seem to find a replacement DW733 knife setting gauge online so wondered if anyone had any ideas. It’s a Type 2 and dated 2020 on its label


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14 Feb 2010
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It's surprising the guides, there are a pair are missing if the blades haven't previously been changed as they slot into keep recesses on either side of the cover plate and are tight enough not to come out of their own accord, like you I bought mine which had been used only a handful of times.

Have you contacted DeWalt or any of the spares companies?
If you can't get replacements my only suggestion is that you could make up something similar but that would need to be before you remove the existing blades so you can use those to reference the jig accurately.

This youtube video might be of interest, I'm sure there will be others,