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Dust collection systems


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21 Sep 2011
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Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA
G'Day Folks
Greetings from Melbourne AUSTRALIA

I'm in the process of fitting out a small workshop, essentially it is 8.5 X 6.5 metres, skillion tin roof, 3.6m tall on the high end and 3.0m on the low end.
The major piece of equipment will be 5 in 1 combination machine, but it will also have a 3 hp bandsaw, and possibly a Shopsmith mark 7 combination machine, ( for small volume woodturning and minor back up to the main machine.
My question concerns dust extraction what would be the most cost effective/ appropriate
dust collection system to employ. My intention is to make furniture predominantly and other associated stuff. I hope to be busy!
My whole endeavour at this point is to make the workspace as comfortable, and practical as possible, i believe dust collection is integral to this, but i haven't won the lottery just yet, so cost is a sobering factor.
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions appreciated even the rude ones as long as they are funny.