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29 Jul 2017
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Cornwall UK
We have had threads on here previously re the shows that upcycle stuff from the tip etc and the weird and wonderful things they create, then sell for astronomic sums

Has anyone caught the latest of the cheap to produce shows, the Bidding Room on BBC

Where 5 "dealers" bid for items brought in by joe public

I have yet to meet dealers like these ;-)

Anyone else watched it?
The ones that crack me up are when someone in an "antique" shop says something like I really like that - you've got £95 on it - will you take £35? He then says make it £40, and it's yours. I'd never deal with him ever again. :D
Totally agree re the antique ones. Creates the impression the general public are being massively ripped off. I also don't get the premise of the shows - buy retail and then sell at auction. The wrong way round.
yes I watching a bit of the bidding room and regretted it, there was a fat man on it who said I'll offer you £40 for it FINAL offer, then next minute he's saying he'll give £55, that's when I turned the TV off :D
A knock off of channel 4's "4 rooms" with expensive tat being swapped for cheap tat (mostly).

We had a member here a while ago make a post about his "lovely workmanship" secret compartment pyramid thingy and how it was in some publication or other and featured on "4 rooms".

What he neglected to say was no-one wanted it on the show, and it was of a style that was already 30 years out of date - it and he got trashed by some very knowledgeable and experienced members, which doesn't happen that often, but he was really up himself and asking for it - for some reason he didn't stick around.......