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30 May 2022
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About 45 years ago when we moved into our present property I decided to make a traditional raised and fielded Ash front door and side panel. For the first 20 odd years I managed to maintain the outside with a good quality Sikkens varnish, but Ash over time when in full sun and rain looses its “Look” . So I had to change to painting the outside which allowed any repairs required without showing. So the look at present is below:-


Beside this front door is a garage door that needed replacing, as not needed as a garage door any longer.

I decided it would look best to match the front door, but just wasn’t prepared to make solid ash panelled to match on such a large size . I did have a quote from a joinery, think it was over 4k !!
So I got to thinking how else could I construct it.
Developed an idea of using three layers of marine ply. And then I came across the plywood suppliers that will cut to a cutting list by CNC Machines to micro mm accuracy, and the fee is minimal.
Some painstaking drawings to make sure I got the dims right (I knew they will ) and the order was emailed to them.
So my construction method was simply to ss screw and glue the 3 layers of 15mm marine ply together.
The only cutting I did after receiving the order was to cut the chamfer for the the raised panels and their corner mitres. The chamfer was simply a diagonal cut on the band saw.
The stability of this door, now 4 years old has proved incredible. Not a single joint line has cracked any of the paint. Far far superior to solid timber. Pics below should show the sequence. Mainly constructed in our main room as it was much too large for the workshop!!!! And I do consider the ‘island’ just another workbench! Not a view always agreed with by my wife ..


Very pleased with the outcome, and a process that can be used on a smaller scale for really quick build cupboard doors etc

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