Dewalt DC618KA Cordless nail gun

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10 Feb 2005
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Lanarkshire, Scotland
That link shows nailer that takes angled nails - if thats a concern to you. Just today I saw one that takes the straight nails - more my street as I have a load of spare paslode nails - and it was way better than my paslode, it could even fire multiple nails just like an air fed gun. Just need to sell my Paslode gun now.


I have seen and demoed one of these guns the one with the straight magazine and i personally didn't like it i found it to heavy and the bump action takes some getting used to because as long as you keep the nose piece pressed it kept on firing nails (it was like a mini uzi) thus causing a jam, unlike the nose piece on my 15g dewalt nailer the gun has to be brought away from the workpiece and the nose depressed again to fire another nail. It was also rather heavy and bulky with the battery installed IMO if you don't mind carting a small compressor around stick to pneumatic nailers.