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Depth gauge and FHA


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Being slightly frustrated at the hassle of getting the right depth of cut on my cheapo router I splashed out on a Trend depth gauge and Trend Fine Height Adjuster last week. For those of you still fiddling about using drill bits and the sliding depth bar that came with your routers these simple additions are a god-send!

The FHA/001 fits my T5 copy Ferm F8 perfectly with a 1/4in cutter in the machine. Leaving in the 12mm straight cutter (8mm shank) that came with the router though means that for shallow cuts (or first passes) the cutter is too long and you run out of adjustment.

The depth gauge is simplicity itself and is so much easier to set and then use than a ruler.

Fifteen quid well spent!

I also bought the cheap router insert while I was at it (from APT). It was nerve-wracking to drill my router base and then the insert but it all locks down well into the kitchen worktop off-cut I had lying about in the garage. Forty quid saw me move from ham-fisted hand-held routing to simple (still slightly ham-fisted!) table routing which made it SOOOOO much easier to route the long channels for my greenhouse staging.

You don't need to spend huge amounts to get reasonable results and it's a cheap way to learn what you want from your next table purchase/build.