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3 Aug 2020
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New York
Bought a used Versatapper awhile back. Like many of them, the upper bearings were rusty and needed replacing. I picked up new bearings and now am having an issue with reassembling the unit. When I took it apart, I wish I had paid closer attention to the orientation of the bearings. NO matter which way I orient the bearings, I cannot get the top cover that holds the bearings and shaft that drives it to bolt down flush. Its almost like something is out of position and holding the cover up a little bit. There are only so many combinations of positions that the bearing can be in and I have tried them all many times. This thing has me frustrated. I am probably missing something stupid. Took a break away from it to write this post. Will have at it again. Anyone have a guess as to what the problem is?

frank horton

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24 Jul 2020
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Vamos, Crete, GREECE.......
how about some photo's please.....
dont ask me how to do that as not I've not worked it out yet.......
one simple thing first, have u measured the bearings thickness.....?? there's a lot of rouge bearings out there not really to spec...
I normally use both the bearing number and the dimensions to be sure of the correct bearing......and buy from a proper bearing outfit.....
have also found bearing slightly over and undersized at times.....
I know for a fact that certain Euro bearing companies get bearing from china, supposedly made under licience....!!!!!!!!!!
I have no problems with Chinese bearings in general.....
except, 3 spot bearings (ultra high speed) have to come from a named brand before I use them....
over to u.........

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