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Hi all,

I thought that some of you might like to see the progress on the Cyclone I am building. I have put a picture in the Galley section. Its not the photo went wrong, it is painted in two different reds, I ran out and had to use another till I can get some more.
The rectangle on the left of the cylinder is the inlet, I have to make a transition piece to convert from the round ducting to the rectangle, when I get the ducting next week. The grey bin at the bottom of the photo, is for the dust collection and will be connected to the come by a piece of flex hose. Clips on the lid will allow the bin, which is mounted on casters to be wheeled away for empting. I also have to fit the filters from the fan housing, which will hang down on the right of the cyclone, cartridge type filters will be used.
I will put some more photos up as soon as I have the ducting up and the filters in place and give you some info on how it works, all 8' of it.


looks very flash


let us know how well it works

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