Cutting Brass Tube Cleanly

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18 Jun 2006
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Saskatoon, SK., Canada
In an ideal shop with you having a big bag of money you would get a CNC lathe with a bar feeder. It will self feed the brass tube, turn the outside, chamfer the inside and outside edges, clamp on the end and part it to length and chamfer the inside and outside of that end and advance the stock for the next. It would also change over to the next size tube for a different part as needed and so on. Sadly you don't have the volume of work to justify one.

The old way of doing the same would be with a turret lathe. Tube fed into the headstock and held with a collet chuck, the various tools used and advanced manually to the next in a turret at the tailstock end until the piece is parted off and the cycle begins again. The parted off pieces would need that inside edge de-burred in a separate operation. These older lathes are available at an affordable price but naturally more than hobby metal lathes are. You'll need to look for the right one at a place that specializes in older machines. You might need to get an older machinist to set it up and teach you to run it or just come in when needed for a few hours to make the pieces for you. Switching over to a different sized part doesn't take much time to remove the tools and replace them with the preset ones that are needed once the initial setup of the tools is done. You can make small batches or run the same part for years on each lathe. Just depends on your needs. It wouldn't be any noisier than the woodworking machines you have now but you would want to house it in a separate room to keep the dust off it.



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14 Oct 2007
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I think you need to find a machine shop with a bar feeder lathe, they can bang that kind of thing out for you very effectively