Current equivalent of Stanley 5001s

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30 Sep 2007
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Following recent threads and varied opinions on the handles and steel etc, I am wondering what those in the know would consider to be current equivalents?

The set of 6 which I bought about 30 years ago for about £20 have done and do everything I need on the chisel front. 1/4" to 1" is as big a range as I need and probably four rather than six would be adequate. I've used them for everything from surrogate firmer chisels for big joinery on a 5x6 metre timber garage, to delicate dovetails in hardwood. I've also used one to clean off decades of gunk on an Aga. There's still plenty of life left in them. For me the plastic handles are an indispensable feature. I used to whack them with a beech mallet but now only ever use a 16oz claw hammer for all purposes. I've given those handles some serious abuse over the years but they're still in great condition.