Cross cut sled plus crown guard

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7 Jul 2010
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Following on from this thread DIY Overhead crown guard with dust extraction. I asked why a sled can't be used with a proper guard in place i.e. riving knife and crown guard attached.
The answer is that it can, absolutely no problem at all.
If you look at this bought sled all you need to do is trim the fence enough to let the crown guard pass. n.b. the PTFE tape is a very good idea!

How simple is that? o_O No need for these mad Heath Robinson contrivances which keep cropping up!

The other thing I'd do differently would be to work the other way around with the fence away from me - pushing the workpiece up to it with a push stick if necessary, though you couldn't do it with this Rockler fence.
Slightly counter intuitive but it's much more convenient in various ways. I've always done it that way round on my sliding table with a fence - which has angle scales going both ways so you can choose.
I'll do a snap later.

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