Coronet Capitol planer thicknesser queries

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Chris Snow

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28 Jul 2020
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Stafford, UK
Hello everyone.

I very recently acquired an example of the above and I'm after a bit of advice.

I've spoken with two splendid gentlemen, who's names will be familiar to anyone with a Coronet machine I'm sure, Messers Derek Pyatt and Peter Baker. The latter tipped me off about this website.

Firstly I'm looking for the stock jointing fence for this model. It came with a home grown one that I think I can figure out how to get working but I don't know if it has all the bits to attach to the main body of the machine yet!

Secondly blades, the ones I have on it have been sharpened fairly recently I gather, however I don't know if they will take another sharpening. Maybe they will! Is there a supplier anywhere of these or can anyone modify another blade to make it fit the Capitol?

Thirdly, any other Capitol or similar planer owners in the Stafford area who might be willing to share advice, maybe meet up? I'm willing to supply tea.

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