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Computer woes


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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
Oh woe is me...

I noticed a website in my history that I didn't recall visiting. Googling it produced no hits so I thought, better run a virus check (not that I suspected it was dodgy). My port of call is Sophos and I tried to download a copy of their trial. "Not compatible with your OS version'. Found I already had a copy ready to instal and so fired it up, ran it, scan free..no nasties.

Now thing is I don't like all these programs running in the background as they can slow things down so I decided to uninstall it. They provide an uninstall program. It didn't work. It asked me for my Tamper Prevention password. WTF ? So I Googled. The only reference to this was for Windows.

:eusa-think: I am so screwed...this should not be happening. Mac now in an unknown and probably unstable state. Nothing else for it but to restore from the overnight backup. Which I did. Overwrote (naturally) every file that had changed on my Mac. Thing is....

...thing is... :roll: .... it was dated Dec 11 2019. :oops: Huge chunk of emails gone. Forever.

I always saw a notification box in the morning. Didn't really give it much notice. Like as if it wasn't flashing BRIGHT RED and screaming..."Your overnight backup failed. " I mean if it did then, like I would have noticed. :oops:

I don't need to tell you what the moral of the story is.


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15 Feb 2012
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West Somerset
I can guess the message....

My essential documents for example my password manager file, are all stored in one directory tree which is under Git control and pushed to a secure offsite repo. Much quicker than a whole-machine backup (but obviously less data is safe). Plus I know Git quite well and have a lot of confidence in it.

Added advantage is I can pull the data to any operating system I choose (Linux, MacOS, Windows.... Git is multiplatform)

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