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CMT router problems


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22 Dec 2005
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Plymouth UK
I did a Wood rat course at APTC back in September. So I took my Rat and 2 routers with me, one charnwood and the other a performance pro, with the intention of buying plunge bars. Only to find that neither of them are fully compatable with any of the models.

So I bought a CMT 1850 which is all but the same as the Dewalt 625 and uses the same plunge bars. All went well on the course. But 2 weeks later while doing dovetails it slowed right down and smelt of burning, thought nothing of it the frist time. It did it again the next time I used it. So I contacted APTC and they sent a courier to collect it for repair. It was back within a week and all was well until the Tuesday before christmas when it did it again. This time APTC are replacing it with a CMT 2000 because they no longer make the 1850.

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just my bad luck that I happen to have a duff one.

Cheers Donald