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For Sale Clarke SE16C150 compressor - unused


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Sporky McGuffin

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22 May 2015
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Headley Down
You may be detecting a theme in my for sale threads. I'm clearing out a load of stuff I thought I'd use but never did, in favour of a very few things that I actually will.

This is approx 10 years old and never turned on - it sat unloved in a corner of the last workshop as I realised I'd rather just do brushed and rubbed finishes. The pump wheel turns freely.

Around £600 new, I believe; the sold ones on eBay and the like have been around £300-350. I will suggest £290 £240 including the airbrush (I think from Axminster), mini gun (used with a different compressor before I upgraded) and biggish Yama gun (unused). Also a bit of multicoloured hose. I am open to sensible offers, however as it's the best part of 100kg this is collection only from Headley Down in East Hampshire, and I doubt I can lift more than about 30kg of it. It's in the garage, which is a flat floor to the drive for loading apart from a 4cm lip at the garage door. I can take more photos of any interesting details for any interested parties.

14cfm displacment - cast iron, twin cylinder compressor pump
150 litre air receiver (CE certified)
3hp motor, 230v, 1ph continuously rated with overload protection
10bar (150psi) maximum working pressure controlled by a fully automatic pressure switch.
Specification also includes safety valve, pressure gauge, air outlet valve & drain tap.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1390 x 430 x 850mm
Weight: 97.5kg


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