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Chestnut Finishes


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21 Apr 2005
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Skipton, Yorkshire
Hi All (and Terry in particular)

I am looking for a sanding sealer to use with a cot I am building from tulipwood. I believe that many of the Chestnut products are child safe, is this the case with the sanding sealer. The cot is to be finished with a child safe acrylic paint so which sanding sealer would be recommended to go under that?

Also, the cot is to have a natural beech (ie unpainted) rail around the top. What finish, again child safe, would be recommended for that? It will need to be quite durable and water resistant. Will the same sanding sealer used for the painted surfaces also be suitable on the rail?

Thanks a lot


Terry Smart

Chestnut Products
8 Jun 2004
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Hi Alan

All of our Sanding Sealers are toy/child safe. For the use you have in mind I'd suggest either the Cellulose or Acrylic (aerosol or brushing) versions. The Cellulose is more common and quicker drying, the acrylic is slower but virtually odourless in use.

For the top rail you have several options; you can skip the sealer altogether and use a few coats of Finishing Oil; this should be hardwearing enough and flexble enough that the surface won't crack if (when!) it gets knocked. Should maintenance be required it is easy to do, the only slight drawback is that is has a very slight amber colour rather than clear.
Alternatively a lacquer can be used; again, all of our clear lacqers are toy safe, just be sure to use the correct sealer for the lacquer (Cellulose works with all our lacquers, Acrylic only with Acrylics). This will be a tough finish but possibly brittle for this situation and maintenance will usually involve a full strip and replacement.

Hope this helps