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Cheap lathe for someone?


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25 Oct 2004
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North of Aberdeen
It's not mine, so can't officially advertise it on the forum, but met a guy this morning who is selling his elderly father's lathe, along with a set of specialist tools for making nested balls. The lathe is only a Record No 0, BUT, it's been fitted with a 550W 3-phase motor with inverter and separate stop button by the son, a professional electrician. Also has a 4-jaw scroll chuck (possibly a Bonham?). The good thing is that he only wants £100 for it, which seems like a bargain just for the inverter/motor and chuck.
The bad thing is that it's up here in Scotland's cold shoulder north of Aberdeen.
If anyone on the forum is interested, pm me and I'll pass on his phone number. Would be happy to help with collection or temporary storage if it helps.