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Sold Camvac Wall Mounted 150L 0.5 micron Dust Extractor CGV286-1


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Making shavings
21 Dec 2018
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Camvac Wall Mounted Dust Extractor.
• 150L capacity.
• Filters to 0.5 microns.
• Air flow 54 litres / second.

• Lots of suction so suitable for a single woodworking machine or a small system.
• Includes the flexible standard pipe which has been divided so that the two halves can be used for inlet and outlets but then rejoined with a lathe made junction.
• suitable for 63mm / 2.5" system piping.
• When I've finished my new installation which includes both 100nm and 63mm pipes, I might have some spares if you need them including 90cm pipes, straight couplings, tee junctions, and blast gates. Not included in the sale so strictly subject to availability and negotiation.
• If you fix the pipe to the exhaust and put it out of a vent or window, the machine is much quieter than many similar machines.
• Mounts to wall but can be freestanding.
• Includes Wall mounting bracket / post. Just screw it to a wall and hang the unit on it. Easily detachable.
• Model number CGV286-1-Wall.
• HPLV Type (High Pressure, Low Volume).
• No known problems with its operation - works well.
• Cosmetic condition is used. Some surface corrosion & dulling of paintwork. All consistent with light occasional hobby use in a shed workshop. Please refer to photos for details.
• Selling as I've bought a similar but 4" extractor.

Looking for £110.

• Collection preferred but you can arrange your own courier if you like. However, I do not have any packing materials for something this size so you'd have to accept simple wrapping with polythene.

PM me for more information.
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