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8 Mar 2004
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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
hey midnight! :p

They have just sent me a copy, its alright but it doesn't allow you to create your own cabinets, but edit pre-designed ones.

I like it but i don't really use it much! Although saying that it is a good little program.

I have designed quite a few cabinets, and there are some excellent features with it, for example when you design it (with correct measurements of course) it allows you to simply click on the cutting list button and it creates an exact cutting list for you. You can also explode the cabinet to certain amounts, so you can see the drawing better, there are even more features but that is mainly them.

It's good for when you need to design a cabinet and need to stick to a certain design.

Hmmm.... I seem to like it more and more as i am telling you about it :shock: :D hehe, funy that, i feel like having a go with it again before my trial runs out :p

Hope this helps ya mate :wink:


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