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Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead for Dewalt DW733 (reduced price)


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11 Apr 2018
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Assuming the denizens of this forum have heard of these. Made in the US by Byrd Tool. Bought in February and arrived in June.

The finish quality and blade life has sold us on a combi machine with a spiral cutter. Originally bought to thickness a lot of bone-dry burry wych elm and still on the original edge, showing no sign of dulling. Leaves a great finish, something straight knives just can't do on the above. Probably saved us a day and a half's time sanding on that one job.

What's included

  • The cutterhead itself with 40 inserts installed - still on the first edge and shows no signs of dulling
  • 45 extra unused tungsten inserts
  • Torx driver

Video of the cutterhead

The head is relatively straightforward to install and would be quite happy to guide the eventual owner over the phone.

Comes in the original international shipping crate (sturdy).

The cutterhead is currently installed and will be removed before purchase.

Looking for £550 delivered. Considering import duty and the extra inserts, this is cheaper and considerably quicker than buying new. Collection would be welcome but we're up in the northeast of Scotland.

Any questions just post/PM


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