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BS400 measurement


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6 Mar 2019
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I wondered if anyone with a record power BS400 could tell me how far it would come out from a wall (eg if it’s back to a wall, how far is the furthest extremity of the machine from the wall)?

The dimensions are listed as: L630 x H1800 x W850 mm. I guess my question is whether it’s the 630 or the 850.



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14 Mar 2019
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Awbridge, Hampshire
Based on having a Sabre 350 and knowing the shape e.g. both machines have an almost square cast iron table but there is the addition of the column the width is greater than the depth. Width being defined as across the diameter of either of the two wheels. Depth being in the direction of the saw cut. Both m/c have very similar dimensions. Allow m/c 900mm away from wall edge of RHS, ideally 100cm. I can accommodate 1m of in/out feed around the saw by splitting/reconfiguring a metal shelf into two smaller units. So (for me) no wheel kits required and assured of a stable platform.

After 3 months of owning the 350 I had an issue with the spring loaded roller bearings. With the supplied blade there was no issue in quickly setting the upper side bearings and support bearing. Initially there was no issue with the lower side bearings and support bearing however I noticed that the support bearing couldn’t be close behind the blade.

FWIW the spring needed replacing which they are going to send me. For now I have the spring removed. Part of the problem may have been my setup after switching blades - I reckon it can be adjusted and setup in under a minute e.g. wide to narrow blade ready to go. Perhaps need to slow it down a bit! In the US the same m/c is sold by Rikon and the cutting height is the same as BS400 however in Europe the CE mark approval means the user is completely isolated from the blade and that’s why the cutting height is reduced by 20mm. Record seem to make a very good product.