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8 Dec 2007
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Leicestershire England
Sean O'Donnell talks: Boring Tools
Sean has amassed a large collection of bits that fit in a brace. Some are common like those that you may already know of (and own) and many are unusual rare bits that are not so commonly found.

As well as showing off a large variety of bits, sean will be sharing his knowledge on what to look out for when hunting for brace bits!
This week’s (Thursday 10th March 2022) will start promptly at UK time 20:30 and finish 21:30 (15:30-16:30 EST). You can join the conversation by clicking on the link or button below:

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I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Shrenik and Andy

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21 Oct 2002
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I see a spoon bit on the left of that line up.
A big fan of those over here.
Very rare these days and some that come up are sometimes too old, worn and mangled to use, but spoon and the older shell bits are the oldest type of metal drills known ............. Good ones work beautifully and can be controlled into any angle once the knack of starting and controlling them is gained..... and that's what puts a lot of folk off.
They can be set to remove a heap of wood quickly or cut slowly, cut on either direction, can be angled to suit chair spindles and spoon bits leave a smooth, round base in the hole

Dozens of generations of woodworkers weren't wrong.

I shall watch this with some interest to see what comes up

good luck