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I've just received one of the two books I've ordered in my search for information about Brass Inlay. "Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay" The Best of Fine Wood-Working. The Tauton Press. ISBN 1-56158-119-4. Softback.

The book as a whole is aimed at the more advanced woodworker who already has a knowledge of veneering etc. It is a compilation of 23 articles from the pages of Fine Woodworking Magazine and is quite informative about veneering and marquetry but has only a very small section, less than a page, about inlaying metal. Silver is the metal and no doubt the process is similar for that of brass inlaying. The pictures that accompany the piece are few but the description of the silver inlay technique is thorough and clear. The problem of overheating the surface of the wood, by applying too much pressure when sanding, is mentioned and the finishing process appears to be one of taking your time but it has at least given me the general idea about how to proceed with my brass inlay project. The articles include: Using Shop-Sawn Veneer. Easy Veneering with a household iron. Veneering over a solid wood substrate. Veneering a table tabletop. Veneering a compound curve. Edgebanding. Basics of vacuum-bag veneering. Marquetry step-by-step. Inlay bandings. Inlaying turquoise and silver. Freehand inlay. Etc. The articles themselves are quite indepth, and have a good selection of colour photographs. The whole book appears to be geared more towards veneering and would be a good read for those who are interested in this subject.
If you are looking for comprehensive details and instructions about metal inlay then you will be dissapointed but if veneering is your thing this book might be worth adding to your collection.