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For Sale Book Clear-out 3 of 9


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14 Aug 2012
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Essex/Suffolk Boarder
As previously mention in my DVD clear out, I am also selling all of my books. As I am a bit ocd when it comes to keeping things in good condition. All of the brand new books are in excellent condition (unless otherwise stated). All of the second hand books are in the condition that I received them in, most are in very good condition (unless otherwise stated). Prices will be as per book (Hardback ) or a selection of book style and these will refer to each book rather than the selection (hope this makes sense). All books will have p&P added. And so to the books:

Softback books:
Encyclopedia of Furniture Making - Ernest Joyce - £15
The French Polisher Manual - E&FN Spon Ltd - £10
Furniture Doctoring and French Polishing - Charles Harding - £10
The Art and Craftmanship of French Polishing - H. Crosbie - £6
Practical Gilding - Peter and Ann Mactaggart - £8 SOLD

Hardback book:
Repairing and Restoring Antique Furniture - John Rodd - £10
The Care and Repair of Antiques - Various - £10
Antique or Fake - Charles H Hayward - £10
Campaign Furniture - Christopher Schwarz - £15 SOLD
The Connoisseur's Period Guides (Tudor - Early Victorian) - Ralph Edwards and L.G.G. Ramsey - £15

Payment Bank Transfer only - I don't not use paypal, so please don't ask. Books will be dispatched on the day of monies received or the next working day if this is not possible. Copy of Proof of postage will be sent to the purchaser. I do not monitor this site for communications and please accept my apologies in advanced if there is a small delay in responding to any messages.


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