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Blade on dewalt DWE 7492


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13 Nov 2018
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Hi i have just ordered a Dewalt DWE 7492 table saw and was wondering if anyone has any views on the supplied blade. it comes with 250mm by 30mm bore, 24t blade. I will doing general ripping and also cross cutting
Does anyone have any views on suitable alternative blades


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29 Jul 2018
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The supplied blade with the machine I would imagine is purely a ripping blade judging by the low tooth count and would be very rough for cross-cutting. My experience with blades supplied by manufacturers is that they're generally rubbish compared to a decent quality blade such as a CMT or Freud. Better made blades like the two brands mentioned tend to be better balanced (less vibration and noise), have a more sturdy saw plate which will resist twisting and warping better, and they have larger carbide pieces which will allow for many re-sharpens over the life of the blade compared to one supplied with the machine which will be the cheapest made possible to increase profit, they may as well not supply one in my opinion.

In an ideal world, you should have two different blades you interchange between for when you want to either rip or cross-cut as that will give you the best results. If you're going to be doing a lot of ripping and crosscutting back to back and you don't want to be changing the blade out all the time or if it's a real pain to change the blade, there are 'combination' blades to be had which do an adequate job of both tasks, not to the same performance or standard as dedicated blades but good enough for most stuff. In simple terms, the trade-off is fewer teeth equals a faster but rougher cut, more teeth result in a slower cut but much better finish.

For ripping exclusively, I would be looking for a blade with a positive 20-degree rake with around 24 teeth, such as this CMT ripping blade
For cross-cutting exclusively, I would be looking for a blade with a slight positive 5-degree rake with around 60 or more teeth, such as this CMT fine finishing blade
For a combination of the two, I would be looking for a blade with a positive 15-degree rake with around 40 teeth, such as this CMT cross-cut and finishing blade

I can wholly recommend CMT blades, they are excellent quality at a very good price.

This thread might help you out :wink: : https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/a-guide-to-circular-saw-blades-t119811.html