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Big Yellow Boxes!


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Anyone had any new tools lately??

Took delivery of a new Perform disc/belt sander a couple of days ago - all 23 KG of it (poor postie!) :lol:

It's generally a good machine. It sands. :p

The aluminium sanding table could do with a short session of it's own to smooth it off a bit. :wink:

Attached to my big yellow Perfom dust extractor, the disc sander hardly puts out much dust, but the belt part could do with some improvement. It probably needs an extra hose fixed near to the belt instead of the bottom built in collection point.

Anyone else own one? It comes with a couple of plastic covers, and I'm not really sure what there for or where they go.

And in a couple of weeks I take delivery of my Perform Jointer for my birthday!

It's already sitting in the porch :) (Axmister have it on special offer, with a free set of blades until 7th Nov.) but I'm not allowed it yet :(


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24 Aug 2002
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Sounds good 8) bad luck not being able to use the jointer yet, u could take it out of the box and hide it in the workshop - just fill the box with a 23KG weight :twisted:

My latest toy.... er I mean tool :p is a Scheppach TS2000 table saw, it came last week but havn't had much time to use it but so far have no complaints with it :)


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17 Sep 2002
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Castell Nedd, De Cymru
Hi Duncan here`s a good link for belts for that sander of yours

http://www.csmjustabrasives.co.uk/cgi-b ... cf/Catalog

I just happened to order a Alumina Zirconia belt last week from them after E mailing them to see if they had it in sheet form.

Next day delivery/no p/p if you order from their online store.
Even their catoluoge was delivered next day after ordering on the net.

They stock all the abrasives under the sun

Let us know how the perform sander lives up



Finally got my new Perform jointer out the box last night :D

Good solid cast iron feed tables, well constructed fence and fence fixtures, and it even came with two push pads.

Ran a couple of small boards across it, and was pleased with the results. The table height adjustment is dead easy, just wind the knob :!: .

Even though it's only 150mm wide, I managed to plane off a slightly wider board (about 200mm). Saw a tip about rotating the board through 180 degrees between each pass. After a few passes I reduced the cut amount and did a few more passes. Eventually managed to produce a board with only the tiniest ridge in it to be sanded off.

I wouldn't recommend this for doing a large number of boards. I only want the board for a plaque.

Never having owned a jointer before, I'm more than pleased with it. No more buying PAR timber for me!! :)

So what Yellow box shall I go for next :?:

(Santa Claus is coming to Cowfold.....)


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7 Sep 2002
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I think you should go for the drill press. They come in various sizes. I have a small £40 Bench top model and I love it :p

If you want to see a review click the review section up there ^

:arrow: My Next yellow box will be a mortiser :twisted: