Bestcombi2000 problem

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21 Oct 2021
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I have had this machine for twenty years and never had a problem with it. Although I very seldom use the thicknesser/planer I did last week and after a short while the timber would not feed into the machine. I checked and found the drive belt to the feed roller had broken. Thinking no more of it putting it down to twenty years of occasional use the belt could be worn. I replaced the belt and within 15 minutes of use this one has broken. I noticed the replacement belt is only half the thickness of the original belt but the supplier said it was the right belt. Now worried I have some damage I've checked my machine as best as I can without stripping it I cannot see anything wrong. So these are my queries if anybody has any experience of this. 1: Could it be a broken bearing on one of the feed rollers and if so how do you get to it. 2: Could it be a slipping belt and melted the bit where it rubs on the spindle or 3: I just don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am about to order another belt but worried about a reoccurring problem.