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Best laid plans


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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
..of mice and men

As Tim and Trevtheturner will aver, my drive (marketing speak for track) is very long and full of potholes..not to mention the quagmire at one of the bends.

Having completed the concrete base for the summerhouse for SWMBO I had a 1 ton bag of stone chippings left up at the house. When the driver came to cllect the skip I had a rare lightbulb moment.

"If I gave you a tenner, do you reckon you could, after loading the skip, hang that there bag from your chains and drop it down the drive for me?"

"No problem, mate. Mine's white with two sugars".

While we were passing the time of day over our respective cuppas he warned me about the creep on the hydraulics on the skip lorry. "Watch yer head, mate...it keeps on creeping down like that". This phrase was to come back to haunt me.

We loaded up the skip and then, after digging two very nice deep furrows on the grass with his rear tyres, we succeeded in hanging the bag from the chains.

"'Ere, watch yer head mate, on that lifter...hydraulics are kanckered and it keeps creeping down" he repeated.

Clambering up into the cab and feeling very much the part...Yorkie bar in hand...we slowly drove down the drive and parked up. He reversed up, I jumped out and walked round to the back where the...umm...empty bag was dangling from the hydralically challenged lifting arms.

Ten pounds duly exchanged hands and I started the long walk back ...just wondering where the stone had ended up. Precisely 20 feet from where the bag started out from.


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26 Feb 2003
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Herefordshire, UK.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

So, not too bad for a tenner then, Roger :roll: as you haven't got too far to shift the stone to fill the furrows in the grass :? .

And be thankful you only had one bag left over! :wink: