Best exterior caulking material for wood sash windows/sills on unlisted 1800's sandstone property?

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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
Linseed oil paint is the spawn of Satan. Despite putting it on very, very thinly it still takes forever to dry. And if you're not careful with the final brush strokes then you get little bits of wet linseed oil underneath a thin skin that will scrape off very easily, exposing the wet linseed oil paint that then transfers to your hands and thence to everything else.

And never get it accidentally onto a metal surface as it just sits there..wet..just waiting for you to pick that screwdriver up by the linseed oiled handle thence to the door knob to your workshop thence to lots of other unexpected places.

But it saves the real best bit until last or about six months later when you discover that mould and mildew love linseed oil paint as a feeding station and your lovely paint job has gone black. DAMHIKT. I discovered that the fix (but too late) is to chuck out of the window all the eco-rubbish that linseed oil paint manufactures hype and add a serious amount of zinc oxide.

Or better still, don't use it in the first place. Ghastly stuff.