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Best bandsaw <£750 in 2020?


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14 Jan 2020
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The title says it all, I'm still after my first bandsaw and i'm curious on overall opinions of what to buy.
Looking at 12-14", floor standing, 1ph
I've been keeping a keen eye on startrites and wadkins but i believe it seems to be a universal rule that if i bid one something, a bidding war will get out of control and go way past the average sale price.
£750 is stretching the budget and saving for a few more months so no "if you can spend a little more" please
I have considered going to a yandles or record show to look for a discount but the nearest one i could realistically attend is months away, if it doesn't get cancelled.
Should i keep looking used? are there any diamond in the rough, hidden gems i should keep an eye for ?
Also does anyone know if the "startrite 14-t/v/s-10 was made? I've been a few pictures but found no information, maybe it was a bandit model? It would be ideal


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19 Mar 2014
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A Record BS350 is pretty much at the top of your budget and as good as you'll get new. It also gives you a good upgrade path as finds allow with improved aftermarket guides and fence systems being readily available.

I've just ordered and expect to take delivery any day now of a Record Sabre 350 which is in essence a modern and more premium version of the BS350 with all the upgrades people do already done plus a number of other improvements. This is £250 over your budget but as mentioned you can get two of the key upgrades done to the base BS350 down the line if you wanted.

I hear you in the second hand thing. I've seen old Startrites listed on the auction site at ridiculous prices and then of course you've got the hassle of collecting it so it's not an easy route to go.