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Bed extension for Nova DVR XP lathe?


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14 Jan 2009
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Hello All

This is a bit of a long shot.

I have a (Record Power branded) Nova DVR XP large and have often thought I would get a bed extension sometime. Now I need one, it transpires that not only have Teknatool dropped this model, but the UK Teknatool distributor is in the process of being changed, so no supplies are currently available.

The part I need for my lathe is part no 55195, no longer manufactured. They do a new style, part no 55224, that is the same thing, but in black. Being a bit OCD, I would prefer the original (even though it might be silver rather than the Record Power greeny silver colour. However, more to the point, the new distributor will not have supplies until at least June.

So I just thought it might be worth asking if anyone knows of an odd bed extension sitting around anywhere??

Incidentally, the new distributor, Craft Supplies/Turners Retreat have been very helpful.