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Barnsley Workshop Chair?


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5 Jan 2017
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lincolnshire Wolds
This reminds me - I took the children to the Tower of London many years ago - apart from losing one of them, the most interesting thing for me was the finish on the handrails on the stairs and associated work - that was a scalloped effect, I think at a regular angle and I guess the rails were oak in fairly substantial sections - it was very pleasing to look at and to the touch - I had assumed it was done with a scrub plane.

Obviously I don’t know how they did it precisely but I would guess it was done with an adze, same tool as was used, well, everywhere pre-machines but particularly on the decks of ships. Ian


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26 Oct 2010
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Hennebury,all due respect but that's a bit like comparing Ikea with Chippendale,its all cabinetry,anyone can do it
Not really Ikea to Chippendale. I have made a few chairs. Chairs are fairly complicated, compound angle mortise and tenons compound curves, complicated clamping. The Maloof style rockers, are more like Ikea construction, mostly but joints and screws. They have only four joints in the leg to seat, and they look fancy because of the flowing shaping done after assembly, but the joint is fairly simple to make. I made a few of the rockers because they were in the woodworking magazines at the time and I was curious, I didn't have any plans, just winged it, I was kind of fun. If I was to continue to make them I would have refined the design, made up some plans and made jigs and templates and they would be quite simple items to make.
Most of the time is spent of grinding and shaping, and sanding.
For anyone with some basic woodworking skill and experience, these rockers are fairly simple to make.
Most things, when broken down to the individual steps and tackled one at a time are.

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