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27 Feb 2017
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Hi All, new here I was wondering if anybody can help me with my dilemma , I have an old electra beckum with 1/2 Hp 4 pole motor and I have a spare 2HP motor 2 Pole motor which I am going to fit, and because the 2 pole is about twice the speed of the 4 pole ( 2 pole 2950 4 pole 1475) I thought I would contact axminster and ask about their trade bandsaw motors their reply was (all of our bandsaws have 2 pole motors) same question to record power and their answer was 4 pole motors because the slower speed gives more torque and more power for cutting. Can someone tell me what sort of motor is fitted to their bansdsaws ie.2/4 pole Thanks for any help you can give.:dunno:


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18 Nov 2012
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Guessing the pulley won't fit and you haven't tried it (without blade) :eek:

I would have a look around for bandsaws that wheel size with 2 pole motors and see what diameter track is on the lower wheel hub, (if you can find this out)
as the pulley for the motor would be dependent on that to be exact.
There are conversion charts, I've seen before, I just couldn't steer you to a good one.
It seems like many smaller machines being sold today have 2hp motors, so it might not be so difficult to find a match.

I haven't a clue if there is much difference between any brand of single speed machine TBH, but I'd reckon they might just all be similar lower wheel design due to cost or performance sake.

The EB 315 saw that is at the folks has a good stout frame, pity about the rest of it.
Good enough frame to fix things though.
I think it has a 4 pole motor also, and there is two speeds, that's the most likely
reason for it I thought...
I wasn't aware of differing thoughts on the matter...

I would have thought a tablesaw would be a 4 pole motor by that thinking, my 2 pole 3hp Leroy Somer motor on the tablesaw runs slightly faster than my ABB bandsaw motor,
I am not sure why they are rated at slightly different speeds, so that is another
slight factor or a bit of room to play with....
Possibly depending on your point of view, if you are ignorant so and so, like myself and need some schooling on the matter with a rather stern reply! (hopefully) :)

All I can tell is if you are resawing on a very very large machine, they often run quite fast compared to a large bandsaw, I don't know why that is (shoddy consumer blades breaking being more dangerous than a proper thick stellite tipped band costing the earth?, or tracking easier with slower running setup?

Another factor I would think is cooling,
Does a 2 pole motor run cooler?

(edit) only realised why it might be, that the two brands have different motors.
RP has up to a 500mm wheel size compared to Axi now selling smaller machines, so would think its possibly a matter of inrush starting current
being slightly lesser with a 4 pole motor.
School me if I'm wrong on this please.

And welcome Bryan, sorry, how rude of me to get all carried away with bandsaw ranting.
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