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19 Feb 2015
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North Cumbria
Hi all

I have a BS400 record saw and upto now have had no issues with the fence, it is crude and simple but works. Then I needed to move the fence to the other side of the blade to bevel some pieces with the table tilted and found it time consuming and arkward. This became even more of an issue as I had to change between fence positions several times. I need to resolve this so there is no more hassle in the future but not sure how. You can get the later Sabre style fence at £145 which has a longer rail but it still hangs on two stud fixings at one end so not convinced about the extra weight and possible deflection at the far end or there is the Axminster fence which I had to fit to my Sheppach table saw but on the bandsaw it would solve one issue and create another when you need to change the blade so unsure which way to go or are there other solutions ?