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For Sale Bandsaw and pillar drill


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Axminster air filter now sold.

Anyone interested in the saw at £300? Failing that I'll chuck it on ebay.
Table saw now sold via eBay.

Workshop filter sold via this forum.

Due to upgrading my bandsaw I now have my Axminster Workshop AW2305B Bandsaw 230V for sale. In excellent condition, light home workshop use. Supplied with Axminster mobile base, 3 new blades and original manual. Bought in Dec 2022. Upgraded mitre fence. Asking £350 collection from DE7 5HN, Ilkeston Derbyshire.

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I also have available my old Axminster pillar drill - it has no chuck and is a little beat up but everything else works. I believe the fitment is 2mt. I’m happy to let this go free to a good home - collection from DE7 5HN Ilkeston derby.


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