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Back problems? "Stand-Sit" workshop stool


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31 Jan 2020
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Andover, NW Hampshire
I have had significant back and sciatic pain since 1990. I have good days and bad days. One of the penalties of being a human forklift from time to time I reckon. Around 2004 I was in California and stayed at a hotel where the desk chair was amazing. The first time in many years I could sit comfortably at a desk. I forgot to ask before I checked out but once back in the UK, I phoned the manager of the hotel (The Hilton in Santa Clara I seem to recollect). He was very helpful and introduced me to the Herman Miller brand. I subsequently bought the same chair back in the UK for around £550. When I retired I took it with me and I use it to this day. As I sit in the living room now with back pain, I'm looking forward to going back to my study and sitting in that chair whilst working on my PC. However, it doesn't pay to sit for extended periods so about three years ago I bought an electrically actuated height adjustable sitting/standing desk frame which solves that problem. I just wish I could have the same facility on my woodworking benches and machines! In the meantime I just take frequent breaks.

I would never spend the money being asked now for a Herman Miller chair, but the sitting/standing desk for office work is well worth recommending. Manual wind up/down frames are quite practical and relatively economical. Take a look at Ikea.
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18 Feb 2011
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Switzerland, near Basel
@Geriatrix : Good tip! One thing that's been "drummed into me" is that whatever you're doing, standing, standing, walking, etc, etc, you need to take a short break (10 mins?) to do something else - i.e. if standing then sit, sitting than stand, etc, etc. It works (for me anyway), IF I can remember to do it! I sometimes set an alarm on my phone if I'm doing something that's likely to absorb my full attention.

HTH fellow suffers, 'cos "fun it isn't"!

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