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Axminster Trade AWVSWL 1200D lathe


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21 Jan 2011
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The green and wetter end of the M4.

7 -Descriptions.
Members should describe the item/s for sale or wanted to the best of their ability in their first post. Any pictures and information should also be within the post and should not be linked to another site other than tool sites etc to give readers some idea on the nature of what is being sold or wanted.

10 –Images.
Supporting images should be provided with the opening post. Do not make a post and wait to see if there is interest before offering to post images. Either post all together or not at all. We do not allow posts that have such requests as "PM me with your email address for pictures" or similar. If you really want to sell your item you'll make the effort, not expect others to do so. Posts asking members to request pictures will be removed.
Our site can upload images from your HD so it should not be too difficult. There are guidance notes HERE.. If you have problems please post a question requesting assistance in uploading in the Site Suggestions/Comments board where somebody will assist you prior to your Market Place post.