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Hi everyone,

A quick 'review' so far of the above lathe, which I have now had for a few days and tinkered with! Out of the box (a hernia provoking moment :shock: ), the first job was putting together the stand - a reasonably easy job, except that a couple of the holes for the coach bolts didn't quite match, requiring the use of a file!!, then the siting og the lathe itself onto the stand, which was surprising easy.
The lathe came with a live tailstock centre and a 4 prong drive centre. The motor is quite quiet at slow speeds, but a little louder (as you'd expect) with the speeds cranked up. The weight of the machine, at 72 kgs, means that I've been able to try it without bolting it to the floor (as yet), without to much vibration.
The speed change, which has to be carried out whilst the lathe is running, is smooth and easy.
The NVR switch is handy in that you lift up the red 'cover' to switch it on, then just put the cover down, a big red off switch then means it is easy to switch off.

The finish of the cast iron casting is a little rough in places, but given the price of the lathe, at £179.77, it is a small point. Especially so at the moment, Axminster are giving a set of Perform turning tools, worth £59, free. So a cheap introduction to woodturning for me.
I will add a woodturning chuck in good time. I have had evening classes in woodturning and bought myself, like Jester, Keith Rowley's excelent book, 'Woodturing, a Foundation Course'.

If I have anything further to say about the lathe or my woodturning adventures, I will post the info.



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