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Axminster and the UKJ 10mm base router table plate and universal adapter


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20 Oct 2016
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I decided to change the router in my UKJ router table which has the universal adapter plate. I wanted to fit the Triton TR 0001 for the advantage of being able to change the bit above the table. On checking (before I purchased the Triton router) the universal adapter plate was confirmed as suitable for the Triton.
On trying to fit it and looking at the picture of the plate in the on line manual it was obvious that the plate I have purchased 5 years previously was different and did not have holes for the Triton router.
A call to Axminster confirmed that the plate has changed, they do not stock just the adaptor plate but may be able to get one within 6 to 8 months no idea of cost. That left me with the only option of forking out €180 for a new plate and adapter.
It would have been helpful if they could have indicated the change and that previous editions may not be the same.
I have spent thousands of £ and € with Axminster over the years and in the past there would have been a good possibility that they would have cannibalised an existing plate and sent me the adapter plate at a nominal cost, but this time nothing just a take it or leave it response. It's going to be the last time I buy from them which considering how long I have bought from them is a shame.


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10 Nov 2017
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I have the tra001 mounted in my custom table.

I don't know your existing plate but can you not just drill some holes in the right places in what you have currently?

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