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Axminster AC250 Setup Support


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Dan Muchmore

New member
28 Dec 2019
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Hello, this is my first post and it’s a cry for help post! :D

I purchased an Axminster ac250 and when it arrived it had terrible snipe. On trying to rectify I have got myself lost with what to setup, what to adjust first to get a true point to then move onto the next bit on the tables. The manual deals with how to setup knives but doesn’t deal with the subject if the unit is way out...do this first, then this etc. I am not mechanically minded so getting myself down with the whole thing.

I was hoping if anyone on the forum could offer advice on where to start truing up and the steps to take would be appreciated. Or even better, because I am trying to do this when I get home from work, whether there is anyone experienced in the local area that I could hire to sort out? I am in between southampton and winchester.

Thank you all for your support in advance.


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31 Jul 2015
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Bromsgrove, UK
From the looks of it this is not a cheap machine, was it purchased new from Axminster? If so, I'd suggest talking to them as a priority. If you bought it used then you might have to fettle it abit. Most p/t's I've used have a really limited amount of adjustment on the tables but they are smaller models.
From looking at some pictures you should have the ability to move the infeed and outfeed tables towards and away from the cutterblock. Would you be able to post some pictures of the tables so we can get an idea for what the problem might be?

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