Are these worth anything? and what's in the foreground

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Woody Alan

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30 Mar 2005
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Norfolk UK
Hi All

My mum has been clearing her garage and handed me these ropey looking items. Those planes aren't worth anything or keeping? right?
and what are the things in the foreground (of pic2). I'm pretty sure one is a plane iron, and one of the others is certainly a thing-a-me-bob maybe a thing-a-me-jig or is it a whossit O:)



Where's Arthur Neagus when you need him. Aplogies to those not old enough to remember him!

Cheers Alan


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6 Sep 2004
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Weeelll, in the absence of any other posts yet: unless they're of sentimental value, the planes don't look to have any particular worth. There are a lot of these 'user' woodies around, in this sort of condition I even have 2 by 'norris', and they aren't worth anything much. The only caveat is that they could all provide some happy hours re-habbing them: a bit of bold sanding/bandsaw work, and some new irons, and (short of any obvious major probs that I can't see) they'd be perfectly usable. A great 'free' introduction into just how easy it can be to make/mod and use these tools. If nothing else, that beech is gonna be pretty well seasoned by now!

The metal bits: yes, the one with the 'sneck' is some sort of iron. Front right with the screw thread and fence - I'd guess either a fence of some sort for something, or possibly some sort of clamp/cramp: could it be a 'spreader' to separate joints?

My expertise on the other 2 suggests: "pointy bits of metal with lumps on the non pointed end" :roll: not too helpful there, I'm afraid...


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22 Oct 2003
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Up the proverbial creek
Ooo, I love these ones...

Okay, left to right, first pic.

A pretty well worn jointer, or maybe large jack... Could clean up okay I s'pose (probably needs a patch to the mouth) but probably not really worth the effort.

Very clean and lovely round soled jobbie; never sure if they're supposed to be called spar planes, forkstaffs or what. I would say worth a little bit (very little, but more than an ordinary coffin smoother). Single iron...?

Rebate plane, wedge in backwards.

Dinky little coffin smoother, single iron again...? Crack in the cheek (both cheeks, perhaps?) though, which is a shame.

Compass plane; bit wormy but again, slightly less common, if you see what I mean.

Info on the makers of the irons and any maker's stamps on the planes would be handy if you wanted an idea of age.

Of the metal stuff, the only one I'm certain of is the plough plane blade in the middle between the spike thing and the other two thingies. The annoying thing is I have a vague feeling I should know what at least a couple of those things are, but I'm drawing a blank. Really needs a trawl through Buck & Hickman and Salaman, and I just haven't the time to do it right now. It's a start anyway.

Cheers, Alf