Any timber recommendations for outdoor/under cover timber seating?

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20 Aug 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I need to make some pallet wood style seating, but not keen on pallets as they're rough and not very clean looking as an overall finish. My plan is to use blocks and pressure treated and ideally eased edge timber planks, nailed together to mimic the pallet style. My client wants it a brown stained finish, but as with most exterior grade tanalith timber, it's not ideal to stain until it's dried out. I'm using pressure treated brown sleepers @ 200mm x 100mm x 2400mm, cut into blocks, then I need 2 different profiles of treated timber for the planks. 25mm x 150mm and 25mm x 200mm. Or 20.5mm as most finished planed sizes are 20.5mm thick. No thinner than that ideally. No thicker than 25mm.

I often use a quality hardwood timber supplier for sapele and oak and iroko etc, but that will be dear for the quantity needed. So Was thinking of siberian larch, as it's ideal for exterior grade - even though it will be outside it will be under cover all year around. However, due to it;s high sap content, is it worth using for seating? Will your legs get covered in sap when it leaches throughout the year? It will be covered with pallet cushions, but some will be exposed.

Failing that, I was just thinking brown treated gravel boards - I can router the edges to give them a chamfer and sand them heavily to help achieve a smooth finish so no splinters.

Just trying to work out the best timber. There is lots overseas and in the states, planed all round and smooth graded and planed looking timber. Otherwise, thermowood maybe?

I need them in lengths really, of 3600mm and 4200mm, but realise that might be hard if they don't come in standard lengths, but pick and mix.

Just need a smooth graded and kiln dried pressure treated finish for external use, that could maybe take a stain down the line, but something smooth and ideal for outdoors. Will not be exposed to rain, just heat fluctuations and some sunlight maybe.



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