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30 Nov 2003
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South Derbyshire, UK
I know that it’s been said before but....

Last week I sold my trusty EB BAS316 and took delivery of a new to me Record BS400. It came with a selection of blades and I fitted what seemed the best/sharpest. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. The poor thing struggled to cut anything as well as my old one and wandered all over the place. I really thought I had made a mistake buying it.

Of course I guessed the root problem. An order placed with Tuffsaws on Wednesday was delivered Friday but a weekend away meant I didn’t get to try the new blades. Tonight I fitted an £18 + vat Supertuff premium blade and the machine now just sits there humming away quietly and deals with the same work without any fuss. I have several others yet to try, but I like this one.

So, another happy customer, but I guess no one who buys from them is going to be surprised?



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