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Another Data Breach


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19 Jul 2020
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Another data breach, 15 million records. This time at EPIK, a domain name registrar. (NOT EPIC GAMES) This seems to have been an attack by 'Anonymous' because of claimed far-right wing links in the company.
"" The hactivist collective Anonymous says that it has gained access to a massive trove of data from Epik, the web host and domain registrar for a variety of right-wing sites. Epik’s client list has reportedly ranged from more mainstream conservative groups like the Texas Republican Party to Gab and other far-right sites on the fringes of the internet. ""

The data breach doesn't contain any credit card data. I got notification from Firefox Monitor, which checks for any data breaches. I have never had any known links directly with the company, but have had a few US domain names over the years and the leaked data contains scraped WHOIS records from individuals and organisations who were not Epik customers. In which case there will be no passwords, so not really a worry. In my case, the information was in the public domain already.

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