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10 Mar 2011
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Sevenoaks, Kent
was clearing my very messy inbox today, and found a message from Jameel at Benchcrafted dated 22 July (yep, almost 4 months ago). How I missed it I have no idea:


I've been following your thread about your bench build.

I'm working on getting a dealer setup in the U.K. to carry our vises, but
its a bit of a long process I'm afraid. Shipping costs as you're aware are
ridiculous (you should see what some pay in Australia), and make it quite
difficult to offer the products overseas for a fair price. Not to mention
VAT and other import fees.

I just wanted you to know that we're aware of craftsmen like you who would
like Benchcrafted products. I'm a great admirer of the woodworking
traditions in the U.K. It seems silly that folks like you have difficulty
obtaining our vises. We're doing our best to remedy the situation as
quickly as possible.

Jameel Abraham

I apologise to Jameel for missing this. I did say around that time that I found dealing with Benchcrafted difficult and the cost of importing an issue.
Whilst I am known to rate the Maguire, choice is a good thing, so I hope we soon see the Benchcrafted available at a 'tolerable' price, here in the UK.
(I have a sneaky feeling Mike at CHT may know the current on this issue).

Thank you Jameel, and apologies again.

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