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26 Sep 2017
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Just had this email from "Amazon"
I have to download a file to fix my listings, blatant scam!
I haven't sold anything on Amazon for 2 years.
Could catch someone out
Be careful out there :wink:

Listings Deactivated for Potential Pricing Error

[email protected] via
13:20 (2 hours ago)
to me

Hello [email protected]

We are contacting you because we have detected potential pricing errors in your Amazon`s Europe product listings. To avoid a potentially negative customer experience caused by mispriced items, we have deactivated these listings. These deactivated listings are marked in the “Manage Inventory” page with a Status of “Inactive (Pricing Error)”.

To reactivate your listings, please download and follow the instructions in attachment below

(a) The account information currently entered in Seller Central does not match exactly information shown on the bank statement, or (b) Update your offer price, or © Confirm your offer price by setting “Your Minimum Price” and “Your Maximum Price” in the specified columns so that your offer price is within the minimum and maximum price range. We will alert you in future if your price falls outside your price range. If you do not use the minimum and maximum price settings, our systems will continue to use internal data to help detect potential pricing errors. Regardless of whether you use “Your minimum price” and “Your maximum price,” you may not list items at a price in excess of £210,000 except for collectibles.

If you have a Professional selling account, you can also use the “Inventory Loader” file or the “Price & Quantity file” to update your prices as well as your minimum and maximum prices. For more information, search in Seller Central Help for the terms “Unblocking Your Listings,” "Inventory Loader,” and "Price and Quantity”.


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