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For Sale Aluminium Double Glazed Windows


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15 Dec 2017
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Romsey, Hampshire
These were salvaged from a contract that I worked on and were saved from the skip, the intention was to use them in my new workshop. Some others have been used but these below are now surplus. The subframe will need a clean up but they are ideal for your shed project. All proceeds to be given to local charity.

Window 1340w x 1360h, aluminium double glazed, one fixed and one side hung casement in pine sub-frame, this is window is very heavy but I can assist with loading, collection only from Romsey, Hampshire SO51. £40.00
IMG_20210927_121251.jpg IMG_20210927_121408.jpg

Fixed casements 730w x 455h, aluminium double glazed, 4Nr but 1Nr has damaged corner, collection only from Romsey, Hampshire SO51. £15.00

IMG_20210927_121619.jpg IMG_20210927_121627.jpg IMG_20210927_121714.jpg

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