Aldi Ferrex Bandsaw tension varies as it rotates.

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15 Oct 2013
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I was going to add this to the Aldi Bandsaw thread, but it hasn't been updated in months, so I hope you don't mind me starting a new thread.

After missing out on the Aldi Bandsaw in Dec/Jan as I was moving, it came up again (And as of today is still in stock).. I ordered one for me and a friend as the shipping was cheaper, but I warned him that we may have problems as I had already read about the problems with damage...

I came home yesterday to find they had been left on the door step... And whilst one box looked fine, the end of the other was crushed.. So I opened the box to take a look and like many others, the base was bent.

So they STILL havn't found a courier who are willing to treat their heavy items with respect..

Anyway, the bent one is going back (and they refunded ALL the shipping, so I am quite happy) and my friend ordered his own... So we are good.

But whilst I had both, I decided to compare mine (the good one) with the bent one.. And to be fair, other than the bent base, there wasn't much wrong with it... But I did find a couple of thing that I didn't like... First of all, one of the guide bearings was jammed solid.. Almost like the bolt it was mounted on was too short and it had been tightened right upto the guide.

So I swapped it out with one on the "bent" saw...

The second problem was that when I turned the wheel/blade, it would spring back... After a bit of playing and 'twanging' the blade so that it made a note, I turned the wheels and found that the pitch changed as the wheels were rotating... Clearly the wheels are not true, and are slightly elongated so as they turn the blades gets more or less tense..

I checked the bent one and it seemed fine.. Perhaps there was a bit of variation, but nothing like the 'good' one. .. So I swapped the wheels over whilst I had a chance.. And it seems a bit better now, but I still get different tensions as the wheels rotate.

Is this going to cause a problem? Is this normal for a small/cheap bandsaw?

Whilst I have the 'bent' one, I could harvest that for spares, so if anyone has any thoughts, I would be grateful..



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28 Feb 2016
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...typical Chinese cheese product variation. Can't undertand in these modern times why they can't simply get the product right. The design is basically sound, just masses of variation in the manufacturing process which is odd given the inherent stability of modern machining processes?
The Japanese realised this thanks to the work of the likes of Demming, but seems to be missing in the Chinese work ethic....