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Aldi Bandsaw Orders


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Did your Aldi bandsaw come damaged?

  • No - perfect delivery - courier other

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  • Yes - bent base plate (returned for refund)

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6 Nov 2020
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Hello all,

A number of us have purchased Aldi bandsaws. Some of us have been lucky with a good delivery and good product, without any issues. Other people have not been so lucky.

This is a poll just to get an idea of how many people purchased and what issues arose.


13 Nov 2021
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Arrived with bent base plate - otherwise seems to be ok - cuts ok but as first-time user not quite sure what to expect!
Aldi CS for me were pretty good. Called minutes after delivery with detailed photos of the box and strappings and damage and the fact the instructions had slipped out and were on my driveway. Got a case number and agreed to unbox following day. Called following day with multiple photos of the base from different angles and sent them on email they provided. After a few minutes talking and me outlining how disappointed I was that Santa would not be bringing me quite the bandsaw I had hoped, they got management approval - seems they can offer up to an authorised level - in my case 20% which given the cost/work I have to do to straighten/level the base and make the saw usable was felt reasonable. It will depend on the extent of the damage and what they can see in the photos.


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12 Jul 2021
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Frome, Somerset
I ended up having to chase Aldi CS up this morning (7th Dec.) on the 'phone as I'd had no reply to my last email sent in reply to one of theirs on Thursday 2nd Dec. The outcome of that call this morning - being on the line for over 32 minutes in total - was this CS person agreeing to a 20% partial refund - £29.99. An email to confirm the partial refund, doesn't mention the amount, has just been received.

Additional information regarding getting the 20%:
Initial contact to CS was attempted via the online contact form and failed - 4 times.
Attempted email contact also failed to receive any acknowledgement.
Eventual contact was made via the 0800 number on the web page and responded to by a helpful person although he had difficulty tracing the order number. He then responded to our 'phone conversation by emailing me, giving a case number, so I could send photos of the damage and poor QC.
After responding to that email I received a reply - with another case number!? - from an unknown/unsigned person who stated I had "agreed to keep it for a partial refund of £22.50 but they would add a e-voucher for £5 which was "the most they could offer" after their "investigation". I responded accordingly stating my acceptance of a partial refund was subject to the amount offered and not definite.
I had no reply hence the phone call today and a discussion which led to an agreed 20% - - - I didn't want any e-voucher as I'd have to go and spend it with them.
What a rigmarole... I was tempted to go for the belt sander - now showing as no longer available - but after all this I'm not sure I'd buy from them. If I did it would be after a lot of research here and elsewhere.