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3 Apr 2022
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Essex UK
Despite the dreaded XPD courier woes, I took a chance and ordered one of these bandsaws which arrived last week. XPD were the courier and the box was relatively undamaged save for the plastic bands cutting in a little. The driver looked stressed and overworked but was careful with unloading the box.

The base and frame of mine are straight with no damage. The only damage I could find was a slight ding‘ on the top of front rail of the bed, where the front fence clamp bears. The projecting end of that front rail is also (coincidentally) very slightly out of line with the front of the bed (only by about 0.15mm though). I reckon the ding happened in the factory as the box was intact and the bed was well protected with styrofoam.

The saw runs quietly, only has negligable vibration/thrumming (may well be the cheap supplied blade) and after setting up the blade guides, adjusting the table for level etc I decided its not bad for the price.

I’m keeping it and have dressed the little ding’ on the front rail of the bed with a file and fine emery board. I’ll mostly use the fence inboard of the blade so the very slight misalignment of the projecting outboard end of the rail is unlikely to be a problem.

It cuts ok even with the supplied blade (its a 3/8” blade as is the included spare), and i’ll be ordering a decent blade or two from tuff-saws soon. On reflection I think I did ok!